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B&G Broadband 3G radar

Art.nr: 000-10422-001

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Radar pakke med Radar, R10 interface, 20m radarkabel og 1,8m ethernetkabel.

Broadband 3G™ Radar gir krystallklar bilder fra baugen av båten. Denne halvlederteknologien med lavt strømforbruk gir uovertruffen evne til å påvise og skjelne mellom mål på kort hold, mens InstantOn™ sørger for null oppvarmingstid.

B&G Broadband Radar a.k.a. Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar is nothing new... but, it was when we first launched the technology in 2009! Understanding the shift in radar requirements, we have developed superior short-range target detection and unrivalled target separation. Armed with this new technology boaters received a previously unseen level of situational awareness to improve safe navigation in any visibility. However, despite conventional pulse radar being no match for Broadband Radar in its short-range capacity, it still offered more range... until now that is!

Broadband 3G Radar will undoubtedly mark the beginning of the end of conventional pulse radars on recreational craft as the new 3G boasts a massive 30% increase in range over the original BR24 whilst retaining its impressive short-range credentials. Utilizing solid-state technology, this breakthrough provides superior target detection and separation, low power consumption and extremely low radiation, ease of operation and a new level of navigational safety.

Main Features

  • 30% longer range with 2x transmit power
  • 50m short range, perfect for navigating into unknown harbours
  • Crystal clear image of your surroundings using AUTO Harbour/Offshore modes - no manual tuning required
  • Extremely low radiation, can be mounted anywhere
  • InstantOn™ - no warm up time

  • Fast Scan mode up to 36RPM less than 2nm for rapid update of close range targets
  • Low power consumption, ideal for sailboats
  • True Motion mode - easily distinguish moving and static targets
  • 10 target MARPA and AIS vessel tracking for awareness of other vessels
  • Dual Guard Zones, EBL, VRM
  • Compatible with Zeus Z8 and Z12 displays


Antenna Beam Width Horizontal: 5.2°+/-10% (-3dB width) Antenna Beam Width Vertical: 25°+/-20% (-3dB width) ° Antenna Receiver Noise Figure: 6 dB Antenna Rotation Speed: 24/36 rpm +/- 10% RPMs Radar Warm Up Time: 0 min Radar Wind Resistance: 51 m/sec (Max:100 Knots) Transmitter Frequency: X-band - 9.3 to 9.4Ghz Transmitter Power Output: (at antenna port) 165mW nominal


Data I/O Protocol: High Speed Ethernet


Mounting: Bolts 4x30xM8 - 304 stainless steel Waterproof Standard: IPX6 Height: 280 mm 11 in Diameter: 488 mm 19.2 in Weight: 7.4 kg 16.31 lbs Humidity: +35°C (95°F) 95% RH Operating Temperature: -25° to +55°C (-13° to +130°F)


Power Supply: 9V to 31.2Vdc (12/24 Volt systems) Reverse polarity protection vDC Power Consumption: 18W (Typ.) @ 13.8Vdc Power Consumption Standby: 2W (Typ.) @ 13.8Vdc – only 150ma

Minimum startup voltage 10.75Vdc


Interconnection Cable: 20m (33ft) standard with RJ45 thin custom (Max 30m) Interface Heading: SimNet or NMEA 0183 with cable kit into display


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