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Digital Yacht Navigation Interface

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The Navigation module for the Aqua Adapt marine PC system, provides a powerful but simple interface for connecting your marine PC to the dedicated marine electronics on your boat. Incorporating both NMEA0183 and NMEA2000 interfaces for maximum compatibility, the Navigation module connects to the Aqua Adapt Processor through two USB connections.

Connection is very straight forward, with an integral NMEA2000 cable that simply attaches to a spare "T-Piece" connector on your NMEA2000 network/back bone. For existing and legacy systems that have NMEA0183 interfacing, the Navigation module includes two opto-isolated NMEA0183 inputs which are multiplexed through to the Aqua Adapt Processor.


  • Integrates Aqua Adapt into on board NMEA 2000 systems
  • Provides certified NMEA 2000 to Aqua Adapt processor interface via USB
  • Also features dual NMEA 0183 interface (4800 and 38400 baud compatible) to Aqua Adapt processor
  • Fully compatible with SmarterTrack 2014
  • 8-19v DC input



170mm x 110mm x 65mm (L x W x H)


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