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Volvo D-serie Engine Gateway

Art.nr: YDEG-04

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Få motordata inn på kartplotteren via ditt NMEA2000 eller SeaTalk ng nettverk. Passer de fleste Volvo motorer med EVC (etter 2006), bl.a D1 og D2 motorer.  For KAD/TAMD motorer, se her: KAD/TAMD

Gateway for Volvo Penta, BRP Rotax, SmartCraft (Mercury, Mercruiser) and J1939 engines to NMEA 2000 marine electronics networks. It will provides you with engine revolutions, motor hours, coolant temperature, battery voltage, warning and alarms, fuel rate and other data on the screen of your chart plotter.

The Engine Gateway is compatible with BRP Rotax (see customer's video with Rotax 1503 4-tec Engines), Yanmar 4JH series, SmartCraft (Mercury, Mercruiser), J1939 engines (Caterpillar, etc.) and most Volvo Penta engines manufactured since 2004, and even with some engines manufactured before 2000.

Compatible Volvo Penta engines:

  • with all versions of EVC-B, EVC-C, EVC-D, EVC-E (most modern engines manufactured since 2006);
  • D1 and D2 series with MDI (Mechanical Diesel Interface), for example D2-40F;
  • EDC III and EDC IV diesel engines (EMS 2.0, EMS 2.2);
  • with EVC-A MC (see customer's video with D3-160A-A) and EVC-A EC (also known as EVCmc and EVCec);
  • EFI engines with MEFI4B ECU or later (gasoline, 2004-2005), with or without an EVC system installed;
  • all EGC engines (gasoline, 2005 and Later), with or without an EVC system installed.

For J1708, J1587 and Volvo Penta KAD, TAMD, EDC I and EDC II engines, please see our new J1708 Engine Gateway YDES-04.

On most vessels with Volvo Penta engines, all that you need is to plug the device into an empty socket of the NMEA 2000 network backbone and connect the engine cable to a Multilink hub or, using the built-in Y-connector on the engine cable of Gateway, to connect it in series with any of the EVC tachometers.

For some engines (please see section IV of manual for details) an adaptor cable is required, and we offer different adaptor cables for a reasonable price (available in the accessories section of the ordering page).

Factory settings are suitable for most of vessels with one or two engines. In case of two or more engines, one Gateway is enough if they are joined to a single network.


Drawing of Engine Gateway YDEG-04

Picture 1. Drawing of Engine Gateway YDEG-04


Reasons to buy:

  • duplicate or replace broken instruments;
  • in combination with a wifi-enabled chart plotter, you'll be able to monitor your engine from any cabin;
  • in combination with our Wi-Fi Gateway, you'll be able to monitor your engines from PC, tablet or smartphone using a web browser;
  • log engine and fuel usage by crew or renters if a recording device like Voyage Recorder is outfitted;
  • record your engine data to apply for service remotely;
  • engine network setup and troubleshooting.


Raymarine c125 MFD with Volvo Penta D4-260A-B data

Picture 2. Raymarine c125 MFD with Volvo Penta D4-260A-B data


Data you may get on the chart plotter depends on the engine controller and the number of installed sensors. Legacy chart plotters may not support display of all data types.

  • RPM (engine revolutions)
  • Total engine hours
  • Coolant temperature
  • Battery voltage and current
  • Alternator potential and current
  • Engine and transmission warnings and alarms
  • Coolant pressure
  • Boost pressure
  • Engine oil pressure
  • Engine oil temperature
  • Fuel tank level and tank capacity
  • Fuel rate
  • Fuel delivery pressure
  • Percent engine load
  • Percent engine torque
  • Exhaust gas temperature
  • Transmission current gear
  • Transmission oil pressure
  • Transmission oil temperature
  • Multisensor data (EVC-A engines)
  • Engine tilt/trim
  • Intake manifold temperature


The Gateway is equipped with a MicroSD card slot intended for firmware updates. In the next firmware versions, we plan to add even more data!



  • low cost installation, no extra cables required in most cases;
  • easy configuration with a simple text file on MicroSD card;
  • high-voltage galvanic isolation between J1939 and NMEA 2000 interfaces;
  • only listens to J1939 network;
  • J1939 data recording for diagnostics and configuration;
  • free diagnostic software for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux is supplied;
  • special support for Volvo Penta D1 and D2 engines;
  • first device on the market with support of Volvo Penta EVC-A and EVC-MC engines (Volcano protocol);
  • first device on the market with support of BRP Rotax engines (BRP CAN protocol);
  • up to 8 engines and transmissions, 8 batteries and 10 fuel tanks are supported by one device;
  • fuel tank capacity settings and 12-point sensor's calibration for all tanks.

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