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B&G Broadband 4G radar

Art.nr: 000-10423-001

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Radar pakke med Radar, R10 interface, 20m radarkabel og 1,8m ethernetkabel.

Our revolutionary Broadband 4G™ Radar offers all of the benefits of the Broadband 3G™ Radar, including a true 200' working range, plus some spectacular extra features. The Broadband 4G has an impressive 50% improvement in range and target detection capability with a new 36 nautical mile range and 18 range scales to accommodate the increased performance. Broadband 4G is the first dome antenna to employ beamsharpening. This technology enables a new feature called Target Separation Control, which improves the azimuth resolution - or effective antenna horizontal beamwidth - up to the 2X resolution of any 18" dome. This is equivalent of a 3-1/2 foot open array radar!

When paired with the Zeus Z8 and Z12 series, the Broadband 4G™ Radar is capable of high speed operation, up to 48RPM and has a new Dual Range feature, which allows unprecedented simultaneous working ranges, anywhere from 200 feet up to 36 nautical miles. No other radar in the world can do this. The 4G all-around performance results including exceptional clutter rejection are nothing short of mind-blowing, dramatically increasing situational awareness among novice and professional users alike, thus proving the Broadband 4G™ Radar is the only on-water radar choice.

Main Features

  • 2X better azimuth resolution of BR24/3G and 50% more range than 3G.

  • Simultaneous Dual Range operation and up to 48 RPM, mode and range dependent on Z8 and Z12

  • Crystal Clear Image of your surroundings with hands-off AUTO Harbour/Offshore Modes, including directional clutter rejection

  • Extremely low radiation with no pulse magnetron allows mounting almost anywhere

  • Low Power Consumption, ideal for sailboats

  • InstantOn™ with no tuning required

  • True Motion Display with Z8 and Z12 to easily distinguish moving targets from land

  • 10 MARPA targets (20 total in Dual Range Mode with independent control), Dual EBL/VRM, and Dual Guard Zones

Antenna Beam Width Horizontal 5.2° +/- 10% (-3dB width)
Effective Beam Width – Beamsharpening ON 2.6° +/- 10% (-3dB width)
Antenna Beam Width Vertical 25°+/-20% (-3dB width) °
Antenna Receiver Noise Figure 6 dB
Antenna Rotation Speed 24/36 rpm +/- 10% (mode and range dependent)
Radar Warm Up Time 0 min
Radar Wind Resistance 51 m/sec (Max:100 Knots)
Transmitter Frequency X-band - 9.3 to 9.4Ghz
Transmitter Power Output (at antenna port) 165mW nominal
Max Range Scale up to 36nm


Data I/O Protocol High Speed Ethernet


Mounting Bolts 4x30xM8 - 304 stainless steel
Waterproof Standard IPX6
Height 280 mm 11 in
Diameter 488 mm 19.2 in
Weight 7.4 kg 16.31 lbs.
Humidity +35°C (95°F) 95% RH
Operating Temperature -25° to +55°C (-13° to +130°F)


Power Supply 9V to 31.2Vdc (12/24 Volt systems) Reverse polarity protection vDC
Power Consumption 20W (typ) @ 13.8Vdc, 21W in Dual Range Mode
Power Consumption Standby 2.9W (typ) @ 13.8Vdc
Minimum startup voltage 10.75Vdc

Range Discrimination

Instrumented Range* Range Resolution (m)
1/8nm or less 4.6 m
1/4nm 5.4 m
1/2nm 11 m
3/4nm 16 m
1nm 22 m
1.5nm 32 m
2nm 45 m
3nm 65 m
4nm 86 m
6nm 129 m
8nm 178 m
12nm 242 m
16nm 355 m
24nm or more 420 m




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