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Optimax MK3 Hyperflex spristake

Art.nr: OX234M3F

NOK 1.095,-

MK3 Hyperflex spristaken er den mest fleksible spristaken på markedet. Perfekt for lette seilere som ønsker litt mindre power når det blåser mye.

We have been able to develop an even more flexible sprit by combining a 28mm tube with a very thin wall thickness. The charasterics of the used high yield alloy, the extrusion manufacturing process and the used thicknesses makes the sprit +- 20% more flexible compared to the well known MK3 Flex sprit. This sprit weighs less than 500 gram and is +- 30% lighter compared to the MK3 Flex sprit. Your Optimist rig can be further optimized for those who prefer a more dynamic leech which opens more easily. This can be usefull when sailing in strong winds or on high waves.

MK III FLEX spars for the Optimist sailors under 35kg
Material: Superior Lanurep spacecraft alloy
Anodized: Top grade hard dark grey

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