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Zhik Offshore Smock OFS900

Art.nr: SMK-0920-U-FRD
Vennligst velg

Zhik Offshore OFS900 serien er offshore seiltøy for de aller mest krevende forhold. Offshore seiltøy trenger ikke lenger være tungt og lite smidig, OFS900 er lett og behagelig i bruk. OFS900 har alle de riktige detaljene og praktiske løsningene, men like viktig er den langvarige holdbarheten. Dette seiltøyet har du lenge! Det vil være ca 2 ukers leveringstid på denne smocken. Guide til størrelser HER.

Tested by Team AkzoNobel and DongFeng Race Team, the new Isotak X range represents the pinnacle of ocean racing gear and features Zhik’s latest patent pending innovations. The Isotak® X range features our multilayer composite membrane fabric proved to be 4X more waterproof durable than the marking leading ePTFE ocean fabric. All garments have been engineered to have reduced seams reducing weight, maximising flexibility and increasing durability.

Going into the Volvo Ocean Race, we found that ocean gear by and large lacked the ability to adapt to different weather and conditions, meaning that crews would have to carry extra gear, or compromise on the performance of their gear. We found that safety and performance was compromised as sailors experienced inhibited central and peripheral vision from protective hoods and peaks, often resulting in a “letterbox” field of view. Uncomfortable, sticky and tight latex seals that wear down too quickly. Ocean gear needed to be safer, perform better, and be more versatile and more durable.

Developed to provide a high level of protection while enhancing the sailor’s field of vision, Hydrovison® is our new hood visor, made from a rigid & anti-fogging clear polycarbonate which provides unprecedented peripheral vision and protection. The Hydrovision® visor greatly reduces the “letterboxing” effect of traditional hoods, providing at least double the amount of vertical vision, while increasing the protection against the large amounts of water that smash directly into the face. The visor can also be unzipped and swapped out with other Zhik visor types. Patent Pending.

With conditions capable of varying from one extreme to the other on a single leg, having versatile clothing is a big advantage. Our new Zhik Adaptive™ hood & collar system allows collars to be interchanged depending on those changing weather conditions. This advantage enables crews to carry one smock with different hoods that are adaptable to all expected conditions, meaning less weight on the boat, and faster, easier gear changes when required. Patent Pending.

Our newly developed proprietary neck and wrist Reziseals™ are made from a highly stretcheable, soft and tear resistant textile and polyurethane composite material that offers unprecedented comfort with long-term resistance to degradation. Patent Pending.

Biomotion reflective detailing highlights key points of the human anatomy, enabling greater visual recognition of crew members & allowing them to judge movement and direction in low light conditions. This grants valuable split seconds of response time in cases of emergency.

  • Zhik Adaptive™ System

    Our new interchangeable hoods allow versatility like never before
  • Hydrovison® Visor

    Anti-fogging and rigid visor that gives unparalleled vision
  • Advanced Reziseals®

    New super soft & durable composite seal design in wrists and neck
  • Biomotion reflectors

    Strategically placed reflectors allow easy recognition of body movement
  • Hydrobase® lining

    In side pockets and collar provides fast drying warmth and comfort
  • Quick stow hood

    PFD compatible hood lets you raise & lower hood quickly with one hand
  • Long length rear

    Longer length rear panels in the garments for added protection
  • YKK® Zippers

    Highly durable YKK® zippers throughout
  • Multiple pockets

    In key locations for easy access & storage of important belongings
  • Reflexite reflectors

    Provide high visibility in low light conditions
  • Cordura® Reinforcement

    1000D Cordura® in knee & rear panels protects high wear areas
  • Inner neoprene waist skirt

    To prevent water flushes


Se hele utvalget fra innovative Zhik: ZHIK KATALOG (pdf)


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