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Optimist Pro Line Upgrade

Art.nr: EX1370

NOK 679,-

Pakke for å oppgradere tau til bomuthal, bomnedhal og spri. Ferdig spleiset tau av beste kvalitet.

High performance Optimist upgrade kit, consisting of outhaul, downhaul and halyard system.

Pro Line Outhaul
3 mm Dyneema outhaul with a partly polyester core for extra thickness which creates grip in the cleat.

Pro Line Downhaul
3 mm spliced Dyneema downhaul with 6 mm Technora/Dyneema for ultimate grip. The non-spliced Dyneema end has enough length to be tied or spliced around the boom.

Pro Line Halyard System
Cordura/Dyneema halyard with a spliced loop on one end to be fixed easily on the mast cleat. The other end is tapered which makes it thin enough to fit through the halyard handle. This halyard system comes with the EX1349 Dyneema replacement halyard with spliced on low friction ring.

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