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Tacktick T222 vertikal vindfløy

Art.nr: T222

NOK 19.990,-

1,35m vertikal vindarm som brukes for å løfte giveren helt fri fra vind-forstyrrelser fra seil/mast. Gir mer korrekte data for vindretning og styrke.

• Lightweight Carbon fibre construction
• 300 hours autonomy
• Raises the transmitter into cleaner air
• Removes wind shear
• Reduces errors around the mast head
• Provides accurate values for TWS, TWA
• Acurate for performance functions
• Supplied with Mast Top mounting

This unique wireless 1.35m (4'5") mast head unit with transmitter lifts the wind sensor into clearer air. This enables it to provide highly accurate figures for TWS and TWA by reducing errors from disturbed windflow around the mast head and dramatically reduces upwash when sailing downwind, giving you accurate data for performance funtions. Easily fitted with the mast in place. Calibration can be done at any Micronet display.

T222 vertikal vindfløy


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