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Zhik Seaboot 900

Art.nr: YBT-0900-U-BLK
Vennligst velg

Varme og helt vanntette seilstøvler fra Zhik. Neoprene og gummikonstruksjonen garanterer en 100% vanntett støvel, det er ingen membran som kan lekke. Ekstra isolasjon i såle og merino ullfor gjør støvlene egnet for kalde forhold. Med gator kommer det ikke vann inn mellom bukse og støvel. Sålen er den samme som brukes på ZKG skoene. Den har et meget godt grep på tørre og våte dekk. Størrelsene er beregnet med tynne sokker. Gå opp en størrelse hvis det er ønskelig å bruke tykke ullsokker.

Designed for serious racing offshore, the ZK Seaboot 900 is agile and supportive. Undergoing extensive testing and development in the Volvo Ocean Race, the Seaboot 900 delivers more support, more comfort and more performance with the same, responsive feel. 100% waterproof, all our seaboots are individually tested during production to provide you with the confidence and comfort needed on deck.


  • Extensively tested and endorsed

    Developed and tested in the Volvo Ocean Race
  • Agile and supportive

    Designed for serious racing offshore
  • Superior support, comfort and performance

    With the same responsive feel as our ZK Seaboot range
  • Reinforced arch and heel

    Support the foot and ankle to reduce potential injury
  • Neoprene and rubber construction

    Keeps your feet dry and warm
  • 100% Waterproof

    All ZK Seaboots are individually tested during production
  • High grip moulded rubber sole

    For a confident grip on deck
  • Integrated gaiter

    Prevents water entry in extreme conditions

Se hele utvalget fra innovative Zhik: ZHIK KATALOG (pdf)



Gear Made For Water
Whether pushing the boundaries on the forefront of innovation, defying expectations in design and technology in water sport apparel or kicking back after the race and watching the sunset, Zhik is never far from the water. We challenge the status quo, identify problems, and find breakthrough solutions to continually set the benchmark. Tested and proven, Zhik gear is the choice of Olympic and world champions around the globe.

Our History
Zhik started through the need for innovation in the dinghy sailing market post Athens Olympics 2004. After building a reputation as the industry leader in the dinghy classes, Zhik set about revolutionising yachting gear for racing sports boats and offshore yachting, which culminated in winning its first entry into the 2017-2018 Volvo Ocean Race with Dongfeng Race Team. Zhik has always innovated and is expanding on its research and development with new projects in material science likely to change many facets of performance apparel including eco-friendly alternatives for a more sustainable future. Zhik is now growing to include new technical products that will appeal in a larger set of outdoor and marine applications.

Innovative Gear For The Aspiring Athlete
Zhik started through the need for innovation in a gap in the dinghy sailing market post Athens Olympics 2004. Since then we have steadily become the most dominant brand in performance dinghy sailing. More world champions & Olympic sailors from all over the globe trust in Zhik gear to help them win than any other brand. All this from a little office on Sydney’s North shore.

Zhik gear is part of the benchmark for the dinghy sailing market. Our signature products are usually groundbreakers in the field - and frequently copied by competitors. Our continual cycle of innovation has allowed us to maintain our good reputation - and to continue to be a leading name in dinghy sailing apparel.

Leaving Tradition Behind
We apply ourselves to yachting apparel technology with the same passion and dedication we show the dinghy market. Our yachting innovations have been gamechangers, tried and tested in some of the world’s toughest ocean races - including the 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race, where it won alongside Dongfeng Race Team.

Zhik caters to high-end yachting performance as well as leisure and lifestyle. Beginning with our range of Z-Cru jackets, we’re introducing more lines of casual and crossover garments. Our lifestyle gear features clean, minimalistic and futuristic silhouettes with sharp, tech details and trims. While our latest range of performance shells incorporate features like removable hoods for a range of adaptability in any sailing condition.

Apparel Technology
At Zhik, we believe in a ground-up approach to our garment technology. While other companies utilise shells and materials already on the market, our in house. Research and Development department trial and test our proprietary materials and technologies to bring you the cutting edge in high performance gear. We work with pioneering laboratories to produce market-leading apparel and design. Putting our technology through the strictest testing gives you peace of mind about the performance of your Zhik gear.

We are working towards a more sustainable and eco friendly future for our clothing and our packaging.

Taking away traditional non bio-degradable oil based neoprene, and replacing it with a natural plant based alternative, we designed a wetsuit great for you and the environment. With all the performance features and quality of our traditional neoprene wetsuits. Making it a perfect choice for any consumer concerned with the environmental impacts facing us today.

In the last few years we have also redesigned much of our packaging to limit or remove all single use plastic, replacing it with paper or other materials. We aim to be completely packaging plastic free in the near future.

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